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FSUIPC7 doesn't automatically launch with Microsoft Flight Simulator
FSUIPC7 doesn't automatically launch with Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Understanding the issue

FSUIPC7 is an application that allows other programs to communicate with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. When you launch Flight Simulator, an FSUIPC7 splash screen should appear momentarily while the game is loading and the FSUIPC7 icon should also be present in the system tray. The system tray is located in the lower right-hand corner of your monitor beside the clock.

A Microsoft Flight Simulator file (EXE.xml) contains entries for each of the third party applications that should be automatically launched with the game. If this file is corrupt or if an entry is missing, such as for FSUIPC7, that application will not automatically launch.

Confirming the cause

If you can't see the FSUIPC7 icon in the system tray and the splash screen didn't appear, try launching FSUIPC7 manually by double clicking on C:\FSUIPC7\FSUIP7.exe once the game is loaded and you're sitting on the runway (not in menus).

FSUIPC7 Splash Screen

FSUIPC7 Splash Screen

If this resolves your issue, you may be missing the FSUIPC7 auto-launch entry within your Microsoft Flight Simulator EXE.xml file, which controls which applications automatically launch with the game [FS2020 Forum Article].

Flight Panels Fix

πŸ”₯ Flight Panels have developed a potential hot-fix that may resolve this issue, by adding the necessary configuration entries to your EXE.xml file. This hot fix can be downloaded from here.

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